Probate Division General Information

What matters does the Probate Division handle?

  • Processes estates in this County with or without a will, (including small estates that sometimes can be handled in a single day).
  • Appoints guardians and conservators of minors and adults who are not able to manage their own affairs.
  • Issues name change orders for minors and adults.
  • Files acknowledgments of paternity for children born out of wedlock.
  • Settles disputes concerning trusts.
  • Performs secret marriages.
  • Commits a mentally ill person to a mental heath facility.
  • Orders treatment for people with contagious diseases who refuse treatment.
  • Emancipates minors.
  • Bypasses parental consent forminors seeking abortions.

How are these items processed by the Court?

You must fill out forms to start the probate process. These forms can be picked up at the court.

All forms except those for mental health commitment are filed at the Probate Court.