The Kalkaska County Courts are committed to the concept of equal opportunity employment as a necessary element in attracting and maintaining a diverse workforce. Equal opportunity employment is basic to this Court's personnel and administrative philosophy. This commitment is supported by positive, practical efforts to work continually toward improving recruitment, employment, development and promotional opportunities for all employees.

The Kalkaska County Court system prides itself on the quality and caliber of it's staff. All judges and employees of the court are continuously involved in educational programs and in-house performance reviews designed to improve job skills and keep us abreast of new developments in the law and in the art of public service. This court is dedicated to providing the best service possible to those who have need of our facilities.

Current employment classifications and job descriptions are:



Court Administrator

Circuit Division

Judicial Secretary
Assistant Assignment Clerk - Judicial Secretary
Law Clerk

Probate Division

Probate Register

District Division

District Division Clerk (Supervisor)
Deputy District Division Clerk
Probation Officer

Family Division

Friend of the Court Supervisor
Family Division - Referee
Juvenile Register - Assignment Clerk
Juvenile Caseworker
Friend of the Court - Account Specialist/Legal Secretary
Friend of the Court - Account Specialist
Friend of the Court - Case Manager
Friend of the Court - Interstate Case Manager